A team led by seasoned sovereign advisory professionals

The team behind White Oak Advisory has amassed an extensive store of first-hand knowledge and up-to-date expertise relating to the intricacies of successful sovereign debt restructuring strategies, creditor-debtor tactics and dynamics, the interface between debt policy and the broader macroeconomy, and the role played by the multilateral institutions in shaping economic policy in the cases of countries experiencing financial stress.

The team has many years' worth of experience guiding and enabling effective decision-making at both the technical and most senior levels of government. 



Sebastian Espinosa, Managing Director

Sebastian has more than 20 years' experience advising governments and central banks around the world on complex financial matters, and has led teams advising the sovereign debtor on many of the sovereign debt workouts taking place in the emerging markets in recent years. His clients have ranged from Ecuador to the Dominican Republic, Grenada to Iceland, and Pakistan to Seychelles. Prior to co-founding White Oak Advisory, Sebastian was a Managing Director with Houlihan Lokey's sovereign advisory team and, before that, a senior member of UBS Warburg's sovereign advisory practice. Sebastian started his career with The Economist Intelligence Unit and Fitch IBCA.

David Nagoski, Executive Director

David has provided advice to a host of sovereigns, ranging from Serbia and Jordan, to Iceland, St Kitts and Nevis, and Belize. A former official of the US Treasury and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, David is a co-founder of White Oak Advisory and has developed an unrivalled expertise in debt sustainability analyses and the execution aspects of complex sovereign bond restructuring operations. David holds graduate degrees from Harvard University and Dartmouth College.