The world's only truly independent sovereign advisory firm

White Oak Advisory was founded by veteran sovereign advisory professionals wishing to create the world's first independent financial advisory firm focused on sovereign debt matters. Our practice provides objective, expert guidance to governments and other clients engaged in sovereign debt management and debt restructuring exercises. We also address the broader financial advisory requirements of emerging market governments by providing confidential, client-focused advice across a host of non-debt related areas. 

The driving force behind the establishment of White Oak Advisory is the conviction that truly impartial and unbiased financial advice can only be provided from a fully independent platform. Because financial advice is the only service we offer, we are free from the conflicts of interest that are embedded in the transactional approach now almost universally adopted by the major investment banks. This places us in the enviable position of being able to focus solely on the best interest of our clients. 

The team behind White Oak Advisory has developed a strong reputation for providing decision-makers around the world with effective, action-oriented financial advice that is characterised not only by its impartiality, but also by our in-depth knowledge of our field and an unyielding commitment to analytical rigour.

Our mission is to leverage our team's extensive sovereign advisory expertise to help clients develop and implement optimal solutions to the complex financial challenges that they face in a rapidly evolving, and increasingly uncertain, international financial environment.